Scouting secrets from the NHL
New book exposes the covert trade of deciding who plays in the NHL and who doesn¦t

There is no manual for being a hockey scout, for deciding who makes the cut to the NHL, and who ends their career in the minors. The Art of Scouting, by Shane Malloy, goes behind-the-scenes and into the corner of the rink to reveal the secrets of this all-important aspect of pro hockey.

The clendestine world of hockey prospecting is more akin to Cold War-era spying than a casual day in the stands. There are long hours spent gathering information, drinking bad coffee, and constantly travelling. The stakes are high, as the future success of their organizations depends on the scouts¦ skill, especially in a time where the NHL salary cap can restrict player acquisition.

The scouting fraternity is notoriously (and necessarily) tight-lipped. Malloy, who has been covering hockey prospects, scouting, and player development for the past decade, is one of the first media personalities to be welcomed into this world. Via expert interviews and Malloy¦s unique experience, readers will gain a new appreciation for what scouts do and how they do it, what it really takes to make it to the NHL, and how to watch the game like a scout.

Posted on 03/14/2011